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Five Characteristics That A Modern Hotel Room Window Should Have

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Five Characteristics That A Modern Hotel Room Window Should Have

For many decades, the windows have been, without any doubt, the most neglected item among those present in a standard hotel room. Sometimes, in many of the cheapest facilities they’re not even real windows, since they can’t be opened: they’re just natural light points, able to enlighten the room during the daylight hours. While the hotel doors have conquered, year by year, an increasingly important role in the accommodation industry, the windows took much longer to reach the same status and, most of all, the same consideration by both hotel owners and interior designers.

Only during the last two decades the big hotel chains’ managers have come to the conclusion that by improving the windows’ performances, as well as their aesthetic quality, they could offer a remarkable benefit to their hosts. Beauty and functionality had to be improved at the same pace, in order to redefine the concept itself of hospitality. Of course, a window might be just a mere detail in a way more complex environment like a hotel room; but those who have studied closely the average hotel guest’s behavior says that it is the details that make the difference, especially in the long term. And in the latest years the whole accommodation industry is looking for brand new solutions to ensure itself a bright future, after more than two years of recession due to the pandemic: that’s why even the smallest detail becomes crucial.

This is also the reason why even a “simple” window (which is, actually, anything but simple, especially if we consider the artisanal expertise that takes to issue on the market a top-notch product) needs to fulfill some essential minimum requirements, in order to reach the standards that the modern hôtellerie demands. Here’s below the five major ones.

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  1. Attractive design. Just like the doors, the best hotel windows are tailor-made: which means that they’re customized in accordance with the overall aesthetic and the design of the whole facility, especially if it’s part of a big chain with a strong brand identity. Attractiveness is one of the fundamental points of every hotel room’s item, including windows.
  2. Thermal and acoustic insulation. It may sound like a “guaranteed minimum” for a professionally crafted window, but it’s actually an issue that shouldn’t be taken for granted, even in most renowned hotel chains. Thus, this is (still) a particular that could really make the difference.
  3. Safety. A window must be anti-burglary, shock-proof, rust-proof and, in some regions of the world (just think about the Caribbean countries, the Central American ones or the Southeast Asia), strongly weatherproof. Which means capable to resist the adversities of regions subject to severely shifting weather conditions.
  4. Enlightenment. A window should never neglect its first vocation, that is to say being an essential source of natural light during the day. Theoretically, throughout the daylight hours, the guest shouldn’t be placed in the condition of resorting to artificial lights for any reason.
  5. User-friendliness. We can also translate it with “smoothness”. The opening and closing operations must be intuitive and easy to perform for any guest. Moreover, the shades or curtains (better if electronically controlled) must be always operational and ready to be used.