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BITSAT Sample Paper – Samples Also Can do Wonder

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BITSAT Sample Paper – Samples Also Can do Wonder

BITSAT is an online test that is needed to get admission in to prestigious BITS Pilani institute. In order to get admission here it is mandatory for the candidate to have passed 12th board with subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. They should have also scored a minimum 75% and also need to possess adequate proficiency in English. Regarding the eligibility, students who appear for 12th board in 2013 and those who have passed 12th in 2012 are eligible to apply. So, this is the eligibility in order to enter into the exam but it is to be noted that the final admission will be made only by looking at the scores that are obtained by students in BITSAT exam. Regarding the exam, it proves to be very tough which also requires lot of practice as well as hard work. It is very important for the students to prepare two to three months before the exam. Here, student can also do lot of practice and preparation with the help of solving BITSAT sample papers. These papers are available online.

Nature of the exam

Bitsat is a computer based online test. In this test, it consists of four parts. Part I is Physics, Part II is Chemistry, Part III is English Proficiency and logical reasoning and Part IV is Mathematics.

Duration of the exam

This test needs to be completed within the duration of three hours without any break.  There is a total of 150 questions where a student gets additional 12 questions in case he or she finishes the question before the given time. So, it can be found that this exam is very different from traditional offline test. It is possible for the candidate to change the answers in case they are not confidents about the given answer.  It should be noted that there are negative marking in this exam for which the candidate should be very careful while attempting the question.  Guesswork does not work here else they would have to lose their marks.

Types of questions

It is very important to note that each candidate is provided with different set of questions and these questions are randomly taken from the question banks. So, it is quite important for the students to get the best preparation done without fail. If there is even a single doubt, one should try to get it cleared for the exam.

Importance of sample papers

There is no substitute for practice for which it is important to gather all the right knowledge in the best way. By attempting the previous years’ question papers, it can help a lot to get the perfect idea as to how the questions are set. In other words, the question pattern can be understood in the best way.

It can be the best thing to visit online educational websites, where one can get to practice the previous years’ question papers without any difficulty. It can also help to increase the confidence as well. By attempting the question papers, it also becomes possible to understand the weak points by which one can work on it. So, it is very important to make sure of attempting the sample papers that would prove to be of much use.

Let us have a look at some of the samples of Bitsat so that you can have some good idea about it.

Q 1. If α, ß are the roots of ax2 + bx + c = 0, then – 1 / α , 1 / ß are the roots of

(a) ax2 – bx + c = 0

(b) cx2 – bx + a = 0

(c) cx2 + bx + a = 0

(d) ax2 – bx – c = 0

Q 2. The number of real roots of the equation (x – 1)2 + (x + 2)2 + (X – 3)2 = 0 is

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) None of these

Q 3. If S is the set containing values of x satisfying [x]2 5[x] 6 ≤ 0, where *x+ denotes GIF, then S contains

(a) (2,4)

(b) (2,4]

(c) [2,3]

(d) [2,4]

Q 4. Seven people are seated in a circle, How many relative arrangements are possible?

(a) 7!

(b) 6!

(c) 7 P6

(d) 7 C

Q 5. In how many ways can 4 people be seated on a square table, one on each side?

(a) 4!

(b) 3!

(c) 1

(d) None of these

Q 6. Four different items have to be placed in three different boxes. In how many ways can it be done such that any box can have any number of items?

(a) 34

(b) 43

(c) 4 P3

(d) 4 C3

Q 7. What is the probability that, if a number is randomly chosen from any 31 consecutive natural numbers if it is divisible by 5?

(a) 6 / 31

(b) 7 / 31

(c) 6 / 31 or 7 / 31

(d) None of these

Q 8. The mean of a binomial distribution is 5, then its variance has to be

(a) > 5

(b) = 5

(c) < 5

(d) = 2