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Product Tour Marketing Solutions For 2022

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Product Tour Marketing Solutions For 2022

Software for product tours, also known as product walkthrough software, allows companies to create the interactive platform and product demonstrations. This software is often used by SaaS companies (software as a Service). It can show off product features and assist users in learning how to use them step by step.

Software for product tours doesn’t have to be only for online platforms or software. You can take an online tour for everything from dog toys to air fryers.

However, no matter what product you have, poor product tour reviews can cause frustrated customers who are not interested in your product. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your company has the best productivity software.

The Best Product Tour Software Tools of 2022 

Which software products are the most effective for product tours? Continue reading to learn more!

1. Appcues 

Appcues makes it easy to create custom onboarding flows for products using minimal code. This Google Chrome Extension creator makes it easy to create pixel-perfect, drag and drop experiences that you can analyze via their dashboard.

2. Chameleon 

Chameleon’s goal to be your best-known tool for product engagement is to use surveys, tooltips and checklists. And, of course, product tours. Chameleon product tour templates can be used to create powerful flows for user guidance or product launches.

3. HelpHero 

HelpHero makes it easy to create interactive and understandable product tours that help users adopt new features and get started. You can also reduce customer service inquiries by using automated user guidance and no code capabilities. This will allow you to give your engineering staff a break.

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4. Hopscotch 

HopScotch, a relatively new product, allows you to create customized product onboarding flows. This will allow you to drive adoption and decrease churn. HopScotch was chosen by GrowthBar as our product onboarding solution because of its simplicity (one line code to add to the app) and ease of use. It’s also very affordable.

5. Intercom 

Intercom, another fully-service customer engagement platform, offers chat-based customer service software, shared email inboxes and campaign builders. All of their products have the same goal: to increase conversion rates, decrease churn and keep customers happy.

6. Nickelled 

Nickelled provides guided tours, hotspots and help assistants to decrease churn, increase feature adoption and make it easier to understand your product for employees and users alike.

The Nickelled Guided Tours show users what they want to see on the page dynamically and in real-time. Nickelled’s eye-catching hotspots make product touring easy and more affordable.

7. Pendo 

Pendo, an enterprise software company, delivers a personalized, predictive, and enjoyable experience. It is all about relationships. The company focuses on customer experience, digital adoption and support. World-class brands such as Cisco, Adobe, and Microsoft use Pendo to create personalized experiences for customers.

8. Product Fruits 

Product Fruits offers a complete suite of tools for product onboarding. Although it’s relatively new, Product Fruits has all the tools you need to onboard users effectively. You can add any number of widgets to help users navigate their first-time experience.