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Webinar Wrap-up: How Blended Learning Boosts Digital Marketing Skills

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Webinar Wrap-up: How Blended Learning Boosts Digital Marketing Skills

The rapidly growing technology, from pay per click (PPC) to analytic to social media, has placed strong capabilities in the understanding of institutions and marketing teams but makes it more difficult to follow the necessary skills.

This gap provides advertising agents and in-house marketing teams opportunities (and imperatives) to improve themselves in the latest digital technology and best practices to remain competitive.

How Do Your Institutions or Your Marketing Team Continue?

Elearning programs that use mixed learning methodologies have proven to be the fastest and most effective way to achieve the results of the desired company training, especially when it comes to digital marketing skills. In recent webinars, Simpllearn’s Josh Pfister, along with learning researchers & development and biewener, discussing this technology and theory and practices behind Blended Learning. The webinar recorded half an hour can be seen now or at your convenience. Written wrappers from the main points of the webinar are also available below.

How Simplilearn Know Digital Marketing

First, some backgrounds why we tell this story. Simplilearn knows a lot about digital marketing training. In 2015, the company acquired market motives, a digital marketing education company based on silicone valley that established an online marketing professional industrial certification body. OMCP remains a definitive organization dedicated to improving and validating digital marketers. Therefore, this is how we harmonize and validate our digital marketing curriculum, so Simplilearn is proud to be associated with experts who are knowledgeable, who continue to guide and help update our curriculum today.

Challenge Facing the Body Industry

With regard to the side of agency, digital marketing has created a dangerous situation for traditional marketing service providers.

There are Three Reasons Why.

Client Will be Digital

Because the digital economy, a large shift has an impact on the agency industry. Adweek (March 1, 2018) noted that this year several brands of goods packaged by the largest consumer (CPG) have made some daring movements into digital marketing. Both Procter & Gamble and Unilever, two largest CPG brands in the world, placing pressure institutions to improve their digital marketing capabilities.

Important Digital Marketing Skills That Employers Value

Gap of Digital Marketing knowledge

Another challenge that we have identified through our work with hundreds of private sector institutions and organizations is that there is a gap between knowing what digital marketing, and then truly apply the concept of digital marketing for campaigns and strategies.

“Our sales staff understand what is digital marketing, but they have difficulty compiling a mixed discipline solution that will fulfill the objectives of our clients,” complaining of a business leader. “What we need is an educational program that helps them connect the points. If you mix blue and yellow, you become green. If you mix social media with content and PPC, you get X. Understanding of how all digital marketing discipline works together Forming a total solution is very lacking. ”

Talent Needed to Fill the Gap of Digital Skills

A hole in the market is between business and professional marketers with competencies in marketing and digital execution. Even though people might think that this gap can be fulfilled with recruitment, demand for this skill far exceeds the supply of quality talent is available on the market. Here are some statistics that describe the need to fill the gap of digital marketing training skills.

Why Blended Learning Enhances Digital Marketing Skills

Ironically, the closing skills gap is the easiest by utilizing the same digital shift that created it. Blended Learning is the key. In the most basic learning, blended completes direct classroom training, instructors with online content, usually in the form of on-demand videos that are reviewed students outside the classroom.

Simplefearn Mixed Learning Process Combines Mandiri Online Training Comfort, Personal Attention of Direct Instruction Virtual Classroom Instructors and Direct Practices Through Projects and Online Laboratories. Mixed shipping modes allow for every aspect to be taught using the most appropriate media for certain stage topics in training.

In 1992, FLEMING and MILLS researchers developed a popular model of learning styles called The Vark Modalities Theory, to explain why some people learn best through visual information, some of the best through hearing facilities such as hearing or talking, and still others through engagement Kinesthetics such as physical practice. People also learn through logical, social, and even solitary mode (independent learning). Mixed learning solutions make sense for all types of students because they use all shipping modes to support their training.

Another important factor that needs to be considered when delivering a mixed learning training program to your organization is the engagement preferences of people from four generations who all work together in the same office. Depending on the era when they were born, students get most of the training when delivered in different ways that combine the structure and predictability, study and independent practices, group interactions or fun activities. Because Multimodal, Blended Learning provides something interesting and effective for all generations of students.