June 23, 2024

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All You Need to Know About Fulfillment Management Group’s Cloud logistics

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All You Need to Know About Fulfillment Management Group’s Cloud logistics

Every e-commerce business owner wants to upscale their work. With the passing time, when your company grows, your customers expect your service to uplift alongside. Quick and instant deliveries handled with care. Keeping you abreast of each and every step of the delivery, this is where we come in.

Bringing you Cloud Logistics from Fulfillment Management Group. The future of Logistics is Now! With the help of our fully technology-based platform, we deliver third party logistics and order completion and shipping. Mail forwarding and management and fulfilling all your needs to run your Amazon E-commerce store.

Get a chance to be closer to your target customers through our network of shipping agents. Our powerful logistics SaaS is at the base of everything we do, from managing your Amazon returns to integrating with globally recognized e-commerce stores like Ebay, Amazon, Shopify and Walmart. Not to mention managing your own reverse logistics.

Why Choose Us?

We adopt a “No commitments, no hassles” policy which makes our clients trust us. Save big time on your wholesale orders as bulk handling is priced as low as single item picks. Marketing inserts are only $0.20 per order, so that you save more as you ship more. We price pre-packed boxes as single items, regardless of the number of units in the box.

Order Picking: Traditional vs. Intelligent Fulfillment MethodsFlock  Freight

Shipwire automatically lowers your handling costs per order, as the volume increases. In this way, you can hit the globe and enter new markets without worrying about the pricing, warehouses and operational costs. Why? Because we got you covered. Optimize the way you do business.

Our Distinguishing Features

Using our cloud software and software products will help you not only automate and optimize logistics but will also equip you with tools that need to manage all of your operations. Followed by our dedicated and devoted support service team professionally trained to solve all your problems and provide you the customer specialist service you desire.

Another key feature that highlights us is our “on-demand logistics” means that you will pay for what you need, only when you need it. Our flexible monthly pricing will allow you to refocus on their business, maintain your own free choice and avoid being tied to long-term contracts.

Our ardent team members are available round the clock to provide you unparalleled and committed service, so feel free to contact us or visit https://fulfillmentmanagementusa.com/.