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How is Tej Kholi Redefining Philanthropy?

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How is Tej Kholi Redefining Philanthropy?

Tej Kohli’s approach to philanthropy is based on the belief that significant global health concerns can only be solved via interdisciplinary collaboration across hundreds of organizations, including non-governmental organizations and governments. As a result, Mr. Kohli contributed $100,000 to a COVID-19 Vaccine Development Fund at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, a Harvard-affiliated hospital in Boston, USA, in 2020, joining fellow Tech Entrepreneur Tej Kohli and philanthropic foundations.

Tej has worked to advocate for change by initiating ad-hoc projects and inventions and participating in collaborative efforts to improve world health. One example is a 2019/2020 program in which Tej Kohli attempted to raise awareness about the plight of children in India who suffer from Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP), a rare genetic illness that renders exposure to the sun fatal and is associated with a significant social stigma.

The ‘Tej’s thoughts’ have documented in detail the way the Foundation collaborated with globally acclaimed photographer Simon Townsley and The Telegraph’s Global Health section. The aim was to bring the reality of life for Indian children with XP to the forefront in a major photographic study and news article. However, the most compelling aspect of this initiative was the social impact of entertainment. Tej Kohli funded the production of an independent documentary short about XP, which premiered at the 2020 Manchester International Film Festival and then toured many film festivals worldwide to help raise awareness.

Tej Kohli believes that venture philanthropy may help to accelerate global development and prosperity. He believes that artificial intelligence is already transforming developing countries. While the UN’s ‘AI for Good’ campaign encourages policymakers to discuss the highly beneficial use of technology for humanitarian work, technologist Tej Kohli believes the investment can demonstrate its value.

Tej Kohli is a billionaire investor with more than $100 million in Rewired. This Swiss venture studio has aimed for a ‘double bottom line’ of commercial profit and humanitarian effect since 2018. Rewired funds for projects such as a tech solution to raise the percentage of plastics that can be recycled globally. A device for early cancer diagnosis using olfactory sensors; AI-powered drones that can optimize renewable energy locations; and the creation of inexpensive bionics.

Mr. Kholi believes that combining the technical boundaries of AI and biotech can address some of the world’s most pressing public health issues while also improving human life. Biotechnology is advancing exponentially, with cost-benefit ratios improving by a factor of 10 every year. As a result, philanthropy needs to use the latest technology to better the world.