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Top 5 best wine regions to visit in Portugal

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Top 5 best wine regions to visit in Portugal

Portugal is the westernmost country of Europe which is situated right next to Spain on the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal is often referred to as poor cousins of Spain and is one of the oldest regulated wine regions in the world.  Portugal has several native varieties of grapes that contribute to the wide range of wines that the country has. There are many wine regions in the country that produce some amazing wines.

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Top Wine regions in Portugal:

The following are some of many wine regions that produce some amazing wine that you must visit.


Alentejo produces some of the best wines in the country. Alentejo almost occupies one-third of Portugal.

  • This region has a very vast and open countryside that has very fertile soil which grows grapes that makes some of the most delicious wines in the world.
  • Alentejo has mild winters with cool summers that produce wine that is not overly ripe or sweet.
  • If you visit Alentejo you can have the opportunity to visit some of the most celebrated wineries of the region.


The region is particularly famous for making the best red wines in the whole country. This entire region is centered around the city Visue.

  • This region is about 200 meters above sea level and is surrounded by mountains on all sides.
  • Due to the high altitude, the nights are cold which allows wines to ripen slowly with good acidity and aroma that will water your mouth.

Dao has country’s one of the oldest wine tasting facilities known as Paco dos Cunhas De Santar.


Lisbon is located right next to the Atlantic Ocean and you will find a large variety of wines as the region produces one of the largest quantities of wine in the whole of Portugal.

  • The coastal vineyards are hard-pressed to ripen the grapes.
  • The eastern part of the region is sheltered from the harsh sea winds and is also a little warmer.

This allows grapes to ripen well and produces some of the best tasting red wines.


This south-most region of the country is blessed with perfect weather to make world-class wine. The area is neither too hot nor too cold. It is also believed that Tartessians were the first to produce wine in this region around 2000 B.C. The wine made in this region is highly alcoholic, has a fruity flavor and full body. There are many famous labels such as Vida Nova, Monte da Casteleja, and others that produce some of the best wines in the country.


Madeira is a beautiful island that produces wines that will taste amazing for a very long period. There is a very vast variety of wines available in Madeira. Whether you like dry wine or sweet wine you will find a wine that will suit you perfectly. The wines here are made from grapes that are grown in deep valleys which are very high in organic matter.

Portugal is one of the oldest countries that produce some amazing wines. There are many regions in the country that produce large quantities of world-class wine.