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What Is A Tree Surgeon?

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What Is A Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon is responsible for the safe trimming, removal, & chopping down of trees. In this section, we’ll look at the work’s and occupations’ more specific qualities. From trees to invasive plants, barkandbranch.co.uk tree surgeons are experts in vegetation control.

What Do Tree Surgeons Do?

Tree surgeons perform several jobs under the ‘tree surgery’ profession category. Some parts of the job include, but are not limited to:

  • Tree surveys,
  • Crown work,
  • Branch removal,
  • Pollarding,
  • Felling trees,
  • Treating tree diseases and fungi,
  • Clearing fallen trees

Tree Surveys:

A professional arborist inspects the trees in a specific area during a tree survey. Tree surveys may be necessary for specific areas of the woods and public places. They can also be sought privately, generally when someone or a company wishes to develop the land.

The information included in a tree survey can include;

  • Tree height,
  • Tree diameter,
  • Species of the tree,
  • The tree’s age,
  • The tree’s health,
  • The life expectancy of the tree
  • A management plan with suggested tasks for each tree is also included. After that, the trees are labeled and coded. As a result, if

If you’ve ever wondered why a tree surgeon marks trees, it’s for data collection.

Crown Work:

The foliage on top of the tree, like the crown, is the crown. It’s especially important to work on these leaves and branches since they can restrict the quantity of light that reaches the remainder of the tree.

What good is a tree surgeon if he or she has no idea what a tree requires? When a tree doesn’t get enough sunlight, it can’t photosynthesize as efficiently, and excess precipitation has a hard time evaporating. Crown upkeep is crucial to a tree’s overall health since fungus thrives in dark, moist areas.

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Branch Removal:

A tree surgeon can remove a branch that is sick, injured, or otherwise unsalvageable. This is often beneficial for the tree’s overall health and the general public’s safety.


Pollarding is a technique for encouraging new growth by removing all leaves and cutting all branches in a certain manner. A tree surgeon does this when the foliage of a tree is peeled away until it resembles a bare trunk.

Pollarding is a time-consuming procedure that cannot be carried out on all trees or at all times of the year. Trees that flow a lot of sap, for example, maybe hampered by pollarding. In the fall, pollarded trees are more prone to fungal growth.

It’s also not only about looks! Pollarding is a practice that allows trees to be kept away from power lines and other hazards without having to be chopped down.

Felling Trees:

If a tree is fully dead or dying, tree surgeons can safely bring it down. This is vital because it prevents accidents if the tree falls on its own, as most dead trees do at some point.

A diseased tree can be removed or disposed of to help prevent the disease from spreading to other trees. There’s typically a solid reason if you’ve ever questioned what a tree surgeon does when they take down a tree.