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The Art Of Creating A Catchy Slogan- The Ultimate Guide

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The Art Of Creating A Catchy Slogan- The Ultimate Guide

One thing that hooks the customers to a brand or a company is the slogan or the tagline they use as their brand image. These slogans differentiate a company from its competitor and make the customers want to engage with them.

Creating the perfect catchphrase is no easy feat. It demands creativity and brainstorming to capture the company’s essence in a way that resonates with the customers.

Let’s talk about the few tips and tricks that can help you come up with a crowning tagline.

Keeping It Effortless

Your catchphrase needs to be precise, easy and smart.

It can be funny or rhetorical. It can be a call to action or describing the mission. No matter what you choose your slogan needs to be easy to understand and remember, short enough to read it in a glance and cleverly make a statement.

A tagline is something the customers don’t have to read. It grabs attention on its own. It needs to hook your audience.

A happy example of this lesson is McDonald’s. We all know “I’m lovin’ it” by heart. We have heard it countless times.

Give Your Audience An Experience

Your slogan needs to make your audience feel something. Excitement maybe? To be a part of your customer base. Remind them of a happy event. Or even funny to give you a positive association with the brand. Or make you feel comfortable and like a family.

No matter how your slogan needs to make your audience feel.

Let’s talk about Nike’s “Just do it”. It motivates you. Moves to you make a change.

Does your tagline make you feel something?

Testing And Trying

Once you have chosen a catchphrase, try it out in the local market. Create focus groups. Include your family and friends. Test how well it is doing among these people.

Are they understanding or comprehending it?

Is it memorable to them?

Does it hook your attention?

Maybe even try out two different tag lines like an A/B split test. See which is doing better and which is preferred by most people.

Own Your Tagline

Once you have decided upon a tagline and have incorporated it into your business. Own it.

Make it part of your brand identity. Even if you don’t like it eventually, DO NOT CHANGE IT.

Repetition is crucial here. Make sure people see it everywhere. Studies have shown that people need to see a message at least seven times before it sinks in.

Let your catchphrase sink in.

To Wrap Things Up

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